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How can you use “anti-intellectual” in a sentence? Here are some example sentences to help you improve your vocabulary:

  • This book was also made possible by the rise of professionalism among African-Americans since the 1960s and the rise of a black middle class that has demanded more artifacts and objects, more "education" about its experience (more institutionalization of it, in other words, and more orthodoxy about its significance), that are all meant to reinforce its sense of identity, its psychological well-being, its sense of race mission, all important reasons for the existence of black studies, but all clearly anti-intellectual.

  • It is telling, indeed, about the anti-intellectual nature of this book that the blurbs on the back do not come from intellectuals or scholars at all but from popular black personalities and partisans for causes.

  • Here is an intellectual effort that is greatly compromised by anti-intellectual forces of compelling strength: the need to give emphasis to homosexuality all out of proportion to its importance in black life, the need to mention people such as rappers like Tupac Shakur and the like when the art and significance of such people remain to be proved worthy of attention, the need for personalities generally like Rupaul whose inclusion is an embarrassment.

  • Moreover, even more so than whites, black intellectuals tend to give in to the worst sorts of anti-intellectual impulses because of social do-goodism and political protest.

  • His father is University of Pennsylvania sociologist Philip Rieff, the author, most notably, of Freud: The Mind of A Moralist . His mother is essayist, novelist, filmmaker, and political activist Susan Sontag, as iconic an intellectual as our resolutely anti-intellectual culture is ever likely to recognize.

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