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  • An association between autocrine IL-6 and PCA has been known for some time [ 16 17 ] . The change in prostate cell phenotype from paracrine IL-6-stimulated to autocrine IL-6-stimulated is believed to be a contributing factor in the progression from benign hyperplasia to neoplasia [ 17 ] . IL-6 is also implicated in the development of cancer cell resistance to chemotherapy in PCA patients [ 18 19 ] . In other studies, a chimeric protein consisting of an anti-IL-6 Ab fused to Pseudomonas exotoxin was found to inhibit proliferation of prostate carcinoma cell lines [ 20 ] . Exogenous IL-6 activated androgen responsive gene expression in the absence of androgens in human LNCaP cells [ 21 ] . More work is needed to clarify the role of IL-6 in prostate neoplasia.

  • Cell populations were stained with anti-CD3-APC, CD14-FITC, CD19-PerCP and CD56-PE (Becton Dickinson), and quantitated by flow cytometry (FacsCalibur, Becton Dickinson).

  • According to Shatz, "Finkelstein deduces from some Germans' disgust at the destruction of Jewish lives and property during Nazi-sponsored pogroms such as Kristallnacht that 'Germans overwhelmingly condemned the Nazi anti-Semitic atrocities.

  • The thrust of such interpretations, as Lukacs argues, was to rehabilitate Hitler as a German patriot and anti-Communist.

  • In the aforementioned study, an ELISA assay was used to indirectly calculate affinity by incubating receptor-bound toxin with a peroxidase-conjugated anti-Cry1Aa antibody over 1.5 hours at 37°C.

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