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  • Previous studies of cryptochrome's chronobiological role in Drosophila emphasized that CRY may function as a deep brain photoreceptor involved in mediating resetting of the clock by light [ 26 ] . Support for this hypothesis came from the observation that locomotor-activity rhythms in cry b flies are unaffected in constant darkness and also maintain rhythmicity under constant light, a condition that causes behavioral arrhythmicity in the wild type [ 33 ] . While antennal rhythms of gene expression and of odor sensitivity in DD are significantly attenuated in cry b tissues ( [ 23 ] , unlike locomotor rhythmicity [ 21 ] ), it remained possible that such effects are due to an altered role of light on the developing clock.

  • The angle of the vector corresponds to the mean phase for the group of points, and the magnitude of the vector represents the variability in the phase estimates [ 32 ] . The Watson-Williams-Stevens statistic was applied to evaluate whether two such vectors are significantly different from one another [ 32 ] . Significant differences were evident in the phase of these two clock genes' cyclical expression under a light-dark cycle, for all tissues except isolated antennal pairs and the heads (see Figure 7) and 8.

  • Figure 8ashows the linearly detrended plot from an isolated antennal pair expressing a tim-luc reporter sampled in hourly increments in the time domain (counts per second of bioluminescence over time).

  • In Figure 2we plot and analyze the average luminescence of antennal pairs collected in LD12:12 to compare cry +versus cry b . Tabulated data from individual specimens indicated that one quarter of the cry b samples were rhythmic (see Table 1in [ 13 ] ). However, plotting the average data for each genotype (Fig.

  • The honeybee's antennal lobe contains 160 glomeruli [31].

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