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  • Pei Bank of China Tower, not beloved by the people of Hong Kong — its triangular prisms and sharp angles violate the principles of feng shui (see box, page 68) and its radio masts stick up like an insect’s antennae.

  • [Lit. to have antennae]

  • The luc reporter was driven by a portion of the period (per) gene (its 5'-flanking sequences and those encoding the N-terminal 2/3 of the protein) in some cases or the 5'-flanking sequences of the timeless (tim) gene in the others; these molecular constructs were introduced into the D. melanogaster genome by germline transformation [ 32 18 33 ] . Reporter activity was sampled from an enzymatic reaction (luciferase oxidizing luciferin, present in the medium surrounding the antennae); the reaction produces a bioluminescent signal that is measured in counts per second once each hour [ 13 ] . One genetically based comparison made in this study involved the effects of the (normal) cry +allele compared with that of cry b, tested in LD 12:12 (12 hours of light followed by 12 hours of darkness, over the course of about 5-6 cycles per specimen).

  • By way of example, we recently studied luciferase ( luc ) reporter activity in dissected antennae in order to evaluate the effects of the cryptochrome -defective cry b mutation on a circadian clock that operates in the Drosophila antenna.

  • Some 60,000 olfactory receptor cells (of a few dozen different types) are distributed along the honeybee antennae ([31]; Figure 3A).

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