Example sentences for: antagonized

How can you use “antagonized” in a sentence? Here are some example sentences to help you improve your vocabulary:

  • Under the conditions employed in our study, it is not surprising that mefloquine antagonized the effect of thapsigargin.

  • The unofficial spin: He smells blood on House Republicans who have antagonized their districts by crusading for President Clinton's impeachment.

  • Nova-1 regulates the alternative splicing of the pre-mRNAs encoding neuronal inhibitory glycine receptor α2 (GlyR α2) [ 23 ] . The ability of Nova-1 to activate exon selection in neurons is antagonized by a second RNA-binding protein, brPTB (brain-enriched polypyrimidine tract-binding protein), which interacts with Nova-1 and inhibits its function [ 24 ] . DAZAP1 could function in a similar manner by binding to DAZL and inhibiting its function.

  • Surprisingly, assessment of other haemodynamic parameters (SVRI, CI, SVI) revealed a significant change only in those patients who were affected by pruritus and not treated with a β-blocker, as though treatment had antagonized all of the cardiovascular effects triggered by the release of histamine during vancomycin administration.

  • For example, follistatin binds both activin and BMP-7 avidly but competes weakly or not at all with the type I receptor for BMP-4 binding [ 25 45 ] , whereas noggin binds to BMPs -2 and -4 with greater affinity than BMP-7 [ 46 ] . Whether BMP-5 function can be antagonized by noggin or follistatin has not been previously reported, but our results suggest that simultaneous addition of either antagonist with BMP-5 significantly inhibits the dendrite-promoting activity of BMP-5 in a concentration-dependent manner.

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