Example sentences for: antagonized

How can you use “antagonized” in a sentence? Here are some example sentences to help you improve your vocabulary:

  • According to this actual historical account, an adviser to a Tokugawa period shogun antagonized a rival to the point where this rival drew his sword.

  • Surprisingly, assessment of other haemodynamic parameters (SVRI, CI, SVI) revealed a significant change only in those patients who were affected by pruritus and not treated with a β-blocker, as though treatment had antagonized all of the cardiovascular effects triggered by the release of histamine during vancomycin administration.

  • Mefloquine also antagonized the subsequent transient elevation of cytoplasmic calcium induced by the addition of thapsigargin as can be seen from examination of the second series of peaks in Figure 1. A subsequent addition of glutamate failed to elicit a calcium response, whereas addition of calcium chloride to the medium did.

  • For example, follistatin binds both activin and BMP-7 avidly but competes weakly or not at all with the type I receptor for BMP-4 binding [ 25 45 ] , whereas noggin binds to BMPs -2 and -4 with greater affinity than BMP-7 [ 46 ] . Whether BMP-5 function can be antagonized by noggin or follistatin has not been previously reported, but our results suggest that simultaneous addition of either antagonist with BMP-5 significantly inhibits the dendrite-promoting activity of BMP-5 in a concentration-dependent manner.

  • Nova-1 regulates the alternative splicing of the pre-mRNAs encoding neuronal inhibitory glycine receptor α2 (GlyR α2) [ 23 ] . The ability of Nova-1 to activate exon selection in neurons is antagonized by a second RNA-binding protein, brPTB (brain-enriched polypyrimidine tract-binding protein), which interacts with Nova-1 and inhibits its function [ 24 ] . DAZAP1 could function in a similar manner by binding to DAZL and inhibiting its function.

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