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  • The neurotoxin P2 (35 ammo acids), another short toxin and a structural homologue of short insectotoxin II and 15, shows toxicity towards Sarcophaga falculata and crustaceans [ 26 ] . Chlorotoxin, isolated from Leiurus quinquestriatus haebraeus, shows Cl -channel-blocking activity and causes paralysis due to the inhibition of structurally related anion channels such as the extrajunctional channels of arthropod muscles [ 11 ] . It has also been reported that the short insectotoxin I5A may act on a "glutamate receptor of the postsynaptic membrane" [ 22 ] . Although no specific experimental evidence is available on the mode of action of ButaIT, it is assumed that ButaIT exerts similar ion channel blocking activity as that of other short insect toxins.

  • Furthermore, since the charged free radical O 2 •-should have difficulty leaking across hydrophobic membranes, formation of this anion radical inside the lysosome may have an immediate impact on pH in this organelle.

  • The rabbit gene encodes a sodium-independent anion exchanger; this underscores the importance of not assigning functions to NBC-like genes in the absence of experimental evidence.

  • Dysfunction of voltage dependent anion channel opening, ADP/ATP exchange, the electron transport chain, oxidative phosphorylation, and calcium buffering through the action of this family of proteins have been reported [ 6 7 8 ] . While early defects in the electron transport chain can be reversed by addition of exogenous cytochrome c, the damage eventually becomes refractory to cytochrome c addition [ 8 ] . This finding suggests that pro-death Bcl-2 proteins can damage mitochondrial function independent of cytochrome c loss.

  • The presence of a widened anion gap suggests the possibility of DKA or lactic acidosis that might be caused by systemic infections or hypoperfusion.

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