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  • Females lack an estrous cycle and anestrous adults are dependent upon direct contact with a non-volatile male pheromone for induction of estrus [ 8 ] . Hormonal control of scentmarking and sexual behavior of this species (hereinafter, opossum) has been described in some detail [ 9 10 ] . Estrus is induced when females nuzzle scentmarks from the androgen-dependent suprasternal (chest) gland [ 10 11 ] . Nuzzling delivers nonvolatile chemical signals to the vomeronasal organ (VNO) [ 12 ] and surgical removal of the VNO prevents induction of estrus by scentmarks alone [ 13 ] , although cautery ablation of the VNO fails to prevent ovarian activation and ovulation in females that are caged with adult males [ 14 ] . While anestrous adults are reliant on male pheromone for reproductive activation, spontaneous postlactational estrus occurs in the absence of direct contact with male pheromone [ 15 ] .

  • Our earlier findings including a reduced number of elongated spermatids in the ABP-TG mice [ 26 ] also support the notion that higher than physiological concentrations of ABP affect spermatogenesis indirectly, through sequestration of androgens; the transformation of round spermatids to elongated spermatids is known to be the main androgen-dependent step in spermatogenesis [ 35 36 37 ] .

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