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  • Collectively, they have established that the expression of cyclin A and cyclin D, in combination with the activity of the cyclin-dependent kinase inhibitors p21 Cip1and p27 Kip1, is a crucial determinant of anchorage-dependent cell growth culture [ 27 28 29 30 31 32 ] . However, while the above elements clearly are essential executioners of cell cycle progression, it is conceivable that other elements, directly or indirectly, might be involved in anchorage-dependent growth control as well.

  • This protein acts as inhibitor of cyclin-dependent kinases (the "cell cycle engine" [ 50 ] ), and its elevated expression has been consistently demonstrated in different cell types after the disruption of cell-matrix interactions (compare Figure 1and [ 31 32 51 52 ] ). Furthermore, p27 Kip1is an established target of PTEN signaling, i.e., its activity has been found increased after the forced expression of exogenous PTEN [ 53 54 55 56 ] . In combination with the data presented in this manuscript, it therefore appears that PTEN contributes to anchorage-dependent growth control by a two-fold approach: the dephosphorylation of the signaling molecule FAK in combination with the stimulation of the cell cycle inhibitor p27 Kip1.

  • The murine cell line 10T1/2 and the human cell line MDAH, both of which are anchorage-dependent fibroblasts, were detached from their tissue culture dishes and cultured further on HEMA-coated plates.

  • As an alternative to the forced expression of ectopic PTEN in anchorage-independent, PTEN-negative tumor cells, our study has focused on the regulation of endogenous PTEN in anchorage-dependent mouse and human fibroblasts.

  • In light of the well-established growth-inhibitory effects exerted by increased levels of this phosphatase, it is reasonable to conclude that this activation of PTEN significantly contributes to the anchorage-dependent phenotype, i.e., to the inhibition of cell proliferation after detachment from matrix.

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