Example sentences for: amusingly

How can you use “amusingly” in a sentence? Here are some example sentences to help you improve your vocabulary:

  • The critics gripe a bit but still give a standing ovation to Mike Leigh's ( Secrets and Lies ) new film, about a short span in the lives and work of Gilbert and Sullivan as they compose and stage The Mikado . "Only a lunatic would call Topsy-Turvy , with its lame first hour and host of loose ends, a masterpiece, but by the finale I was ready to have myself committed" (David Edelstein, Slate ). It's "one of those films that create a mix of erudition, pageantry and delectable acting opportunities, much as Shakespeare in Love did last year," and it "vigorously and amusingly explore[s] what it means for an artist to renew his energies by returning to square one" (Janet Maslin, the New York Times ). Several note its slow start and general disorganization: "[I]t teases us with the feeling that Leigh had a basic plan for the picture and never realized it" (Stanley Kauffmann, the New Republic ). (Click to read the rest of Edelstein's review in

  • The script, a bare-bones affair with amusingly movieish period diction ("What manner of instruments are these?"

  • He's especially evocative on the three "spaghetti Westerns" that Eastwood made with Sergio Leone, for whom the actor forged his amusingly taciturn on-screen persona.

  • This was the first public photo studio opened in Portugal (during the 1850s), and some of the props on display are amusingly quaint.

  • It's the ex-paramour, not the husband, who hires a detective agency to dog the mysteriously wayward Sarah, and--in one of those ironies that feels delightfully postmodern--it's Maurice himself who ends up being trailed by a Cockney gumshoe, Parkis (an amusingly earnest Ian Hart), when Sarah reinitiates contact.

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