Example sentences for: amusement

How can you use “amusement” in a sentence? Here are some example sentences to help you improve your vocabulary:

  • the beatific-looking gatekeeper asks with amusement.

  • Freeman and the great Brad Dourif) with a mixture of rage and amusement, the way that Clint Eastwood looks at punks who momentarily have the upper hand but who he knows will be a bloody pulp in a matter of moments.

  • (Similarly, the recent increase in the number of amusement park deaths may show not that amusement parks are more dangerous than they used to be, but that more people go to them; though if more people are spending vacation time at amusement parks , as compared with, say, spending them at art museums , that may be making their vacations more dangerous in the aggregate.)

  • To start with an image of the tragic,what would have beenthis poem's end--if this morningI hadn't eaten a roll with jam I might havesaid, finally, the nightdid what night always does, it swallowedmy two friends, their arms slung around each other's waists,after I drove off chasing my highbeams.Outside their shingled walls & roof earlierand surrounded by pinewoodsthat evening my friends & I had been saying goodbyewhen one of them--the man--surprised by the baby-seat suddenly visiblein the back of the car (lit up by an interior lightas I opened the door)--he said, my friend said Jeez, they (meaning Michaela & our daughter Simone),they won't be able to go anywhere.Seeing I was as far as 150 miles from homewith the car, & my beinga potential traffic fatality,or worse (deadbeat dad, abandoner), he was right.I saw myself a moment as indispensable, happy to be needed, much likea canoe-paddling guide or gondola pilot.But my other friend--the woman--squinting at the baby-seatwith pity & amusement, she saidFor christ's sake, you might as well wear a chastity belt.And somehowthe mention of sex dragged death behind it--I meannow that I have settled(with responsibilities)my dates with this or that sexual tsunami should bea thing of the past,right?So there I was--caught between being one man or another, neither.Really, none of this is tragic.Can I be loved enough, that's my story.

  • Humor is defined in the OED as that quality of action, speech, or writing which excites amusement and in MWIII as that expression of ideas in a happening, an action, a situation, or an expression of ideas which appeals to a sense of the ludicrous or absurdly incongruous.

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