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  • Although ACC was not regulated at the transcriptional level, cytoplasmic citrate (generated from the Acly reaction) is an allosteric activator of ACC, so less cytoplasmic citrate would lead to less activation of ACC [ 45 ] . Transcript levels of hepatic acetyl CoA synthetase 1 AMP forming (acetate:CoA ligase AMP forming; Acas1) were consistently down regulated by LC-PUFA (-2.

  • Table 1reveals that in human SPAM1 there is a CRE transcription factor binding site, a site that was shown to be functional in the murine Spam1 promoter region [ 34 ] as well as putative AREs which are also present in the mouse [ 12 ] . Of special interest are the relative locations of the AREs which are associated with genes expressed in the epididymis [ 35 ] and the prostate at -661 and -763; and a CRE (cyclic-AMP responsive element) which is consistent with haploid expression in the testis at -207 [ 34 ] . The relative location of these elements are consistent with the findings of Hsia et al.

  • As we have reported that sCD39 releases intermediate ADP before ADP is further cleaved during ATP hydrolysis [ 25 ] , sCD39 probably has two conformations that bind metal-ADP complexes, one is the conformation that releases the ADP intermediate, and another that recruits intermediate ADP back to the enzyme for further hydrolysis to AMP.

  • Inhibition of Forskolin stimulated cyclic AMP (cAMP) production by exposure to increasing concentrations of agonists were evaluated in intact cells.

  • C; catalytic subunit, cAMP; cyclic adenosine monophosphate, CAT; chloramphenicol acetyl transferase, C/EBP; CAAT/enhancer binding protein, ChoRE; carbohydrate response element, CMV; cytalomega virus, 8-CPT-cAMP; 8-(4-chlorophenyl)thio-cAMP, CREB; cAMP-response element binding protein, EMSA; electrophoretic mobility shift assay, FAS; fatty acid synthase, FSH; follicle stimulating hormone, GIRE; glucose/insulin response element, hCG; human chorionic gonadotrophin, HLH; helix-loop-helix, IRE; insulin response element, MHC; major histocompability complex, PGHS; prostaglandin G/H synthase, PKA; cAMP-dependent protein kinase, R; regulatory subunit, USF; upstream stimulating factor, WB; Western blot.

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