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  • 1, RVsP was elevated in animals that were exposed to hypobaric hypoxia as compared with those that were exposed to sea level and ambient conditions.

  • A variety of environmental small molecules, namely, nutrients, xenobiotics and first messengers are recognized by cells, with the help of specialized protein sensors on their surfaces [ 1 2 ] . Additionally cells also use protein-bound small molecules, such as FAD, cinnamic acid, tetrapyrroles and heme as sensors of photons and the ambient redox states [ 3 4 ] . Within cells, small molecules, such as cyclic nucleotides, are used as intracellular messengers to transduce signals arising from a variety of stimuli [ 1 2 ] . Over the past few years a combination of protein sequence analysis and biochemical studies have revealed several unifying principles that govern the recognition of small molecules by cells [ 4 5 6 7 8 9 ] . A significant component of small molecule-protein interactions is mediated via a relatively small set of ancient conserved protein domains that bind their ligands using specialized pockets [ 4 10 ] . Certain protein folds have given rise to several large superfamilies of ligand-binding domains.

  • Diapause may therefore act to limit the speed of reactions that would otherwise occur more rapidly at higher temperatures, possibly through the action of an 'inhibitory factor' [ 22 33 ] . According to this model, the higher the ambient temperature the greater the required activity of the inhibitory factor [ 33 ] . When temperatures are maintained at abnormally high temperatures (16°C), regulation may be compromised with only some aspects of development slowed.

  • Estimated Long-Term Ambient Concentrations of PM(10) and Development of Respiratory Symptoms in a Nonsmoking Population."

  • (My fillings vibrated a little; though that could have been caused by the ambient noise.)

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