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  • Athanasius Kircher's (1602-1680) and Joseph de Guignes' (1721-1800) fanciful descriptions of Chinese signs and Egyptian hieroglyphs gave birth to the notion that these writing systems could somehow circumvent pedestrian alphabets, going as it were straight to the heart of things.

  • Succinctly stated, the basic, underlying question is, How do we (who use alphabets) read?

  • Anyone who has fumingly, frustratedly tolerated the confusions, inaccuracies, incompletenesses, illiteracies, and genera; inabilities of manual-writers to describe the accompanying programs will be relieved and delighted to encounter the simple, straightforward presentation of information in this book, which is an essential for any individual, company, or educational institution that has occasion to deal with foreign languages and their alphabets.

  • In some cases, an accompanying illustration displays the alphabets available; for example, the Alaph [ sic ] Beth Font Kit includes Aramaic (Fourth, Sixth, Eighth, and Ninth century fonts), Assyrian/Babylonian, Coptic, Cuneiform (Ras Shamra and Ugaritic), Hieroglyphics (+850), North Semitic, Phoenician, Sabæan, and Syriac (Estrangelo, Serto, and Eastern scripts).

  • It is important, too, to note that writing systems are irrelevant: for instance, Polish is written (today) using the Roman alphabet, but Russian, a related Slavic language, uses the Cyrillic; Yiddish, a Germanic language, is written in Hebrew characters; Latin, Greek, and Sanskrit, which resemble one another rather closely in some respects, all use different alphabets; and early examples, utterly unrecognizable to untrained readers of modern languages, were written in cuneiform, quite suitable for writing on soft clay tablets with a pointed stylus, and hieroglyphics.

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