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  • Because many of those languages have never even possessed alphabets, let alone dictionaries, the SIL translators are doing some of the most important linguistic work in the world.

  • The text is punctuated here and there by tables showing the progressive development of selected symbols (as, for example, in Sumerian), the Devanagari syllabary (in which several modern and ancient Indian languages are written), the Hebrew, Arabic, and other alphabets, Chinese and Japanese writing, and attractive drawings showing the hieroglyphic (with sound values in English orthography).

  • But since different individuals have different ideas about how the Devanagari and Arabic alphabets should be transliterated, in many cases there is no single “correct” way to spell a specific word and, instead, dictionaries offer several--sometimes as many as six--acceptable variant spellings.

  • Succinctly stated, the basic, underlying question is, How do we (who use alphabets) read?

  • It is important, too, to note that writing systems are irrelevant: for instance, Polish is written (today) using the Roman alphabet, but Russian, a related Slavic language, uses the Cyrillic; Yiddish, a Germanic language, is written in Hebrew characters; Latin, Greek, and Sanskrit, which resemble one another rather closely in some respects, all use different alphabets; and early examples, utterly unrecognizable to untrained readers of modern languages, were written in cuneiform, quite suitable for writing on soft clay tablets with a pointed stylus, and hieroglyphics.

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