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How can you use “allusion” in a sentence? Here are some example sentences to help you improve your vocabulary:

  • Notes left by Barton in the apartment where his second wife and two children were found dead shed light on the motives behind his killing spree: estrangement from his wife, recent massive day trading losses, and a strange allusion to a "fear" passed from his father, to him, and ultimately to his son.

  • Both Longman and W9 estimate their macrostructure ( headwords/entries ) and their microstructure ( definitions ). But what of Cobuild and CED ? What do they mean by references ? In CED the relevant definition of reference seems to be “a book or passage referred to,” or perhaps “a mention or allusion”; in Cobuild , “something such as a number or name that tells you where you can obtain the information that you want, for example from a book, list, or map.

  • One part of me says the allusion is nonreligious, having to do with an assessment of evil ...

  • • Pure Japanese name written in khanji and romanji: Hikaru GENJI (The kanji component, hikaru, means light (as illumination); GENJI, always capitalized, seems to be a literary allusion to Lady Shikumi Murasaki's c. A.D. 1000 novel The Tale of Genji, Genji being the male protagonist.)

  • There is also the learned guess, as in the etymology for groundhog , the Midland name for the eastern woodchuck, which may be a calque from Dutch aertoercken , and archaic variant of aardvarken , literally `earth pig'; or hieronymous , a euphemism for the posterior, which may derive from Greek hieron osteon , the name for the sacrum; or the southern Appalachian expression to come out of the little end of the horn meaning `to be unlucky,' which is probably an allusion to a “reverse” cornucopia.

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