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  • Competing allosteric conformations are mediated by alternative salt bridges between K167 of TrpEb_1 and D305 of TrpEb_1 on the one hand, or between K167 of TrpEb_1 and D56 of TrpEa, on the other.

  • Although ACC was not regulated at the transcriptional level, cytoplasmic citrate (generated from the Acly reaction) is an allosteric activator of ACC, so less cytoplasmic citrate would lead to less activation of ACC [ 45 ] . Transcript levels of hepatic acetyl CoA synthetase 1 AMP forming (acetate:CoA ligase AMP forming; Acas1) were consistently down regulated by LC-PUFA (-2.

  • Finally, catalytically inactive versions of the CYTH domain are found fused to the nucleotide kinase domain in uridine kinase homologs and may serve as an allosteric nucleotide-binding site in these enzymes (Fig.

  • In response to receptor activation, Syk becomes non-covalently associated with the BCR through tandem SH2 domains located in the amino terminal half of the protein [ 44 ] . Following engagement of the BCR, phosphorylation of specific tyrosine residues in immunoreceptor tyrosine-based activation motifs (ITAMs) found within the cytoplasmic tails of CD79a and CD79b provides docking sites for Syk localization [ 45 46 47 ] . The ability of phosphorylated ITAM peptides to selectively enhance Syk kinase activity in vitro suggests that recruitment of Syk to the receptor complex may serve to activate the kinase, in part, through allosteric changes in the structure of the Syk protein [ 44 48 49 ] . Upon activation, Syk and the receptor complex become localized in detergent-resistant cholesterol-rich membrane microdomains (lipid rafts), resulting in the segregation of the BCR complex from other membrane components [ 50 ] .

  • Recent results suggest that the C-terminal helix 12 of RXR exerts allosteric effects on RAR function [ 6 ] . However, additional studies suggest that corepressor binding to the apo-RAR component of the heterodimer blocks rexinoid induced binding of coactivators to RXR [ 7 ] . These results suggest that the mechanisms that account for the lack of responsiveness of the non-permissive complexes are complex.

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