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  • Lysine, arginine and tryptophan are essential amino acids in C. elegans whereas proline is not [ 44 ] . Pathways not represented in Meloidogyne include alkaloid biosynthesis II and riboflavin (vitamin 82) metabolism.

  • The bark contains the alkaloid jatrophine and a lignan (jatrodien) is found in its stems [ 81 88 ] . The latex of Jatropha gossypifolia yielded two cyclic octapeptides (cyclogossine A and B) [ 85 89 ] .

  • The chloroform extracts of branches of Piper auritum and Piper guineense inhibit growth of Candida albicans , Cladosporium cucumerinum and the pathogenic fungus Basidiobolus haptosporus [ 92 117 ] . These results indicate a possible use of this plant extract in the treatment of subcutaneous phycomycosis in humans and animals [ 117 ] . Piper species contain lignans, benzoic acid derivatives, flavonoids including the dihydrochalcones (asebogenin) and the alkaloid piplartine-dimer A [ 61 118 ] . Asebogenin may have antiplasmodial activity [ 118 ] . The piperamides (cepharadione A and B) from Piper auritum possess antifungal and anaesthetic properties [ 61 ] . Dogs may be bathed with various Piper species to remove external parasites.

  • Nicotine is an alkaloid in the tobacco plant

  • For example, a cephalosporin-doxorubicin prodrug was 9-fold less toxic than free doxrubicin against tumor cells in vitro, but caused tumor regression when tested in tumor xenograft models [ 40 ] . A cephalosporin-vinca alkaloid prodrug was 5-fold less toxic than the free drug against tumor cells in vitro, but was highly effective in tumor xenograft models in vivo [ 41 ] . When taxol was conjugated to a cephalosporin, the resulting prodrug was approximately 10-fold less toxic than free taxol against tumor cells in vitro [ 36 ] . Thus, prodrug 2 has the potential to be useful in cancer treatment using the ADEPT approach.

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