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  • D-AKAP - dual RI and RII-specific AKAP

  • However, a recent study showing the colocalization of D-AKAP1 with RI at the NMJ supports the prediction that localization of the R subunit there requires interaction with an AKAP [ 17 ] . RII has been shown to be associated with mAKAP in heart and skeletal muscle [ 20 21 ] ; however, little is known regarding the expression patterns of RII and AKAPs in the perijunctional regions.

  • This putative association is strengthened by finding for the first time that targeting of RIα requires the AKAP binding surface [ 17 ] . Yotiao is another AKAP enriched at the NMJ, but appears to bind only RII [ 30 ] . PKA phosphorylates the nAChR when stimulated at the synapse by the neuropeptide CGRP and by adenosine from muscle responding to acetylcholine [reviewed by [ 31 ] ]. This phosphorylation may regulate the degradation of the nAChR [ 32 ] . Consistent with the action at the presynapse, it was shown that PKA facilitation of acetylcholine release is dependent on nerve endplate calcium concentration [ 33 ] . Based on our observation of colocalization with synaptophysin at presynaptic vesicles, RIα may be the isotype that influences this release of neurotransmitter.

  • PKC may bind to this anchoring protein through displacement of the pseudosubstrate, thus inhibiting the kinase activity, by analogy with a functionally similar scaffolding AKAP, AKAP79 [ 52 ] .

  • Consistent with the observed mitochondrial staining by anti-D-AKAP1, it was shown previously that one of the two alternative NH2-terminal motifs of this AKAP is necessary and sufficient for targeting to mitochondria [ 28 ] . Interestingly, another AKAP governs voltage-dependent potentiation of L-type calcium channels through anchoring of PKA in transverse tubules [ 36 ] . Because this potentiation is not dependent on RIIα, it is thought that RIα is capable of this AKAP-directed modulation of calcium channel activity [ 37 ] .

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