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  • This observation is supported by previous work that demonstrated RIα codistribution with nAChR [ 19 ] and D-AKAP1 [ 17 ] suggesting that this AKAP is the anchoring protein recruiting RIα to this membrane.

  • We also investigated the distribution of gravin at the NMJ because this AKAP is an autoantigen for myasthenia gravis, a degenerative disease of the NMJ.

  • The nuclear lamins contain short, conserved sequences flanking the lamin rod domain, which are phosphorylated by cdc2 kinase [ 41 ] . The 90 amino acid PACT domain, which immediately follows the coiled-coil domain of the related proteins pericentrin and AKAP450 and two uncharacterized coiled-coil open reading frames from Drosophila and Schizosaccharomyces pombe , confers centrosomal localization [ 19 ] . A conserved domain of ca. 50 amino acids was found in several Golgi-associated large coiled-coil proteins.

  • The tissue was stained with a mixture of 2 primary antibodies - a kinase or AKAP, and a mitochondrial marker (either anti-cytochrome c or anti-lipoic acid cofactor) - overnight at 4°C.

  • This putative association is strengthened by finding for the first time that targeting of RIα requires the AKAP binding surface [ 17 ] . Yotiao is another AKAP enriched at the NMJ, but appears to bind only RII [ 30 ] . PKA phosphorylates the nAChR when stimulated at the synapse by the neuropeptide CGRP and by adenosine from muscle responding to acetylcholine [reviewed by [ 31 ] ]. This phosphorylation may regulate the degradation of the nAChR [ 32 ] . Consistent with the action at the presynapse, it was shown that PKA facilitation of acetylcholine release is dependent on nerve endplate calcium concentration [ 33 ] . Based on our observation of colocalization with synaptophysin at presynaptic vesicles, RIα may be the isotype that influences this release of neurotransmitter.

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