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  • Intercostal afferents have been shown to alter inspiratory muscle motor activity [ 4 5 6 7 ] . The activity of respiratory muscle afferents provides essential muscle mechanical information during ventilation [ 3 ] . This is supported by previous reports that have shown these receptors to be sensitive to changes in muscle length and stretch velocity and are active during spontaneous breathing [ 1 2 3 8 ] .

  • Discharge frequencies found for primary muscle spindles in the present study are also similar to those for 1° afferents in other muscles with intact γ-innervation [ 9 16 17 ] and without γ-innervation [ 18 19 20 ] . In these studies, the 1° muscle spindles were found to possess the greatest sensitivity to changes in velocity.

  • Intercostal muscle afferents studied by Critchlow & Von Euler [ 14 ] were shown to discharge at rates of 29 - 74 spikes/sec during the inspiratory phase, but were not characterized as being either 1° or 2° muscle spindles.

  • Neurons in lamina VI receive input from large-diameter afferents from muscles and joints and respond to nonnoxious manipulations of joints.

  • These afferents transduce the intercostal muscle mechanical events into a neural code that projects to the central nervous system [ 22 ] via thoracic spinal dorsal roots.

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