Example sentences for: affects

How can you use “affects” in a sentence? Here are some example sentences to help you improve your vocabulary:

  • 10 discusses how the Social Security trust fund, for example, affects federal government saving and national saving.

  • The placement of these things affects the spatial perception of the ground, the sides, and the roof plane of the garden.

  • In vivo studies have supported the conclusion that CBP/p300 are components of the hormonal-regulation of transcription in fibroblasts isolated from a p300-/- mouse; and loss of the p300 gene severely affects retinoic acid (RA)-dependent transcription [ 91 ] . In a separate study using hammerhead ribozymes that specifically cleave CBP or p300 mRNA, Kawasaki et al [ 92 ] reported that reduced cellular CBP or p300 levels resulted in compromised expression of endogenous RA-inducible genes such as p21/Waf1 and p27 cdk inhibitors.

  • The CIA is much less likely to overcome its personnel problem, which affects its quality as an intelligence organization far more than the choice of the next director ever could.

  • Just as modern bioinformatics provides immense databases and search tools for molecular structures and polymer sequences [ 16], we envisage that with suitable computational implementation, distributed online models may be queried not only for local pairwise interactions (such as site-site interactions) but also for long-distance chains of events (for example 'Find models where a potassium channel blocker affects cell-cycle progression'), a capability not available in any other approach to biological systems.

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