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  • As we have reported that sCD39 releases intermediate ADP before ADP is further cleaved during ATP hydrolysis [ 25 ] , sCD39 probably has two conformations that bind metal-ADP complexes, one is the conformation that releases the ADP intermediate, and another that recruits intermediate ADP back to the enzyme for further hydrolysis to AMP.

  • The activity of K ATP can be regulated by changes in intracellular concentration of ATP and/or ATP/ADP ratio [ 9 ] . In order to examine whether PMA decrease β-cell ATP concentration, we measured ATP content of rat islets, and results indicated that PMA did not change ATP levels in islets (Table 1).

  • By this method, any further ADP ribosylation of Rho can be identified in vitro after in vivo ribosylation, thus serving as a measure of the efficiency of the electroporation procedure for introducing C3 exoenzyme into HPB-ALL cells [ 31 ] . As figure 1Bdemonstrates, electroporation of C3 transferase (Figure 1B, lane 3) prior to cell disruption prevented further ribosylation of Rho proteins in the cell lysates.

  • On the basis that Fhit binds diadenosine polyphosphates with one AMP group buried and the other adenosine solvent-exposed in a specific conformation [ 12 ] , effective tri and tetrapodal inhibitors such as 12b, 13b and HC(ADP) 3 [ 15 ] may exist in solution predominantly in a conformation that resembles Fhit-bound AppppA.

  • In this report, we characterized the signals that were obtained from bound VO 2+when ATP or ADP was present at the catalytic site of the purified soluble CD39.

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