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  • It is not surprising that VO 2+can functionally replace Ca 2+in the hydrolysis of both ATP and ADP by soluble CD39, although the enzymatic activity is about 25% of that with Ca 2+as the cofactor, since F 1 -ATPase also hydrolyzes ATP at a decreased rate when VO 2+replaces Mg 2+ [ 21 ] .

  • The calculated g || and A || values that best matched the experimental values for species D2 suggest that one hydroxyl group and three oxygens derived from carboxyl groups and phosphates are the equatorial ligands of bound VO 2+-ADP.

  • ADPRT = adenosine diphosphate ribosyltransferase; cM = centiMorgan; C-TDT = combined S-TDT and TDT; ESRRG = estrogen-related receptor gamma; HLA = human leukocyte antigen; kb = kilobasepairs; LOD = logarithm of odds ratio; MIM = Mendelian Inheritance in Man (database; see [ 1]); PARP = poly ADP ribosyl polymerase; PCR = polymerase chain reaction; PDT = pedigree disequilibrium test; SLE = systemic lupus erythematosus; S-TDT = discordant-sib TDT; TDT = transmission disequilibrium test; T:NT = ratio of transmitted to nontransmitted alleles.

  • By this method, any further ADP ribosylation of Rho can be identified in vitro after in vivo ribosylation, thus serving as a measure of the efficiency of the electroporation procedure for introducing C3 exoenzyme into HPB-ALL cells [ 31 ] . As figure 1Bdemonstrates, electroporation of C3 transferase (Figure 1B, lane 3) prior to cell disruption prevented further ribosylation of Rho proteins in the cell lysates.

  • Moreover, the cell does thermodynamic work, utilizing ATP degradation to ADP, to link amino acids together into a protein enzyme.

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