Example sentences for: adjectives

How can you use “adjectives” in a sentence? Here are some example sentences to help you improve your vocabulary:

  • And the adjectives actually helped.

  • Grown up, I'd go with those same adjectives, except now I think it's one of the best.

  • A chief criticism of this book, in particular, is that the adjectives are jumbled together in no discernible order or, as mentioned, with punctuation between (except for a serial comma).

  • Though there are plenty of examples to show that some namers of streets in Santa Fe are aware that in Spanish a definitive modifier follows the modified word, so that there are streets properly named, for instance, Camino Cerrito, Calle Lorca , or Plaza Fatima , there are other street names that betray oblivion to this grammatical rule, for example: Monte Vista Place or Cielo Vista Court where Monte Vista and Cielo Vista are supposed to mean respectively Mountain View and Sky View but, so far as they signify anything, really mean View Mountain and View Sky or Heaven . Even more common in Santa Fe are names in which adjectives fail to agree as to gender with the nouns they modify, for example: Calle Largo, Calle Lejano , or Calle Contento . This error may be due in part to the English tendency to reduce all unaccented final vowels to schwa and in part due to the fact that Spanish adjectives are listed in dictionaries in their masculine forms only.

  • GS tried to reveal the essence of communication by stringing together heavy words without the punctuation, connectives, adjectives, adverbs, and allusions we are accustomed to.

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