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  • The greater the consumption of dietary sucrose, the greater the fall in pH and fraction of acidogenic, acid tolerant bacteria in tooth adherent plaques [ 10 11 ] . The number of these bacteria (mostly mutans streptococci and lactobacilli), and the fluoride content, discriminate between severe and mild caries in 12-15 year-old children [ 12 13 ] . Acid-tolerant bacteria require D-alanyl glycerol lipoteichoic acid (D-alanyl LTA) in their membranes and cell surfaces [ 14 ] . D-alanyl LTA is made by esterifying carboxyl-activated D-alanine to glycerol in membrane LTA by means of a D-alanyl-carrier enzyme, DCP [ 15 ] . Strains of

  • Members of the MAP kinase signaling cascade have been shown to delay apoptosis in a number of cell types [ 37 38 39 ] . Proteins belonging to this family are also involved in cell signaling leading to functional responsiveness of inflammatory cells including chemotaxis and mediator production [ 40 ] . Treatment of rats with endotoxin induced expression of total p38 and p44/42 MAP kinase in adherent vascular lung neutrophils within 0.5 hours, a response which persisted for 48 hours.

  • Under normal or control electroporation conditions, some of the VCAM-1 adherent cells would retract pseudopodia, then form new extensions in different directions.

  • Setting the breakpoint between adherent and nonadherent days at one day per week represents a frequency of missed-dose days of 14.

  • Activated neutrophils have also been reported to express increased macrophage inflammatory protein-2 (MIP-2) mRNA following endotoxin administration [ 21 ] . It is possible that the secondary increase in adherent neutrophils in the lung vasculature is due to the generation of chemotactic factors by activated neutrophils.

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