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  • For example, p53's DNA binding activity is increased by the DNA damage-induced acetylation of the C-terminal of p53 [ 16, 19], and this acetylation requires the prior phosphorylation of the N-terminal of p53 [ 16].

  • Local perturbations of chromatin structure can specifically affect the accessibility and/or function of transcriptional regulatory proteins that bind DNA sequences in the region where histone acetylation or deacetylation took place [ 44].

  • Histone acetylation and p53 mutation appear not to be correlated in this study; nevertheless, it is necessary and more sensitive to examine histone acetylase and deacetylase activities in correlation to p53 status.

  • RAR/RXR binding to nuclear receptor corepressors such as NCoR and SMRT in the absence of ligand inhibits activation of RA responsive genes [ 3 4 ] . Ligand binding displaces the repressors and recruits coactivator proteins such as CBP which have histone acetyltransferase activity [ 5 ] . Histone acetylation allows for chromatin unwinding and transcriptional initiation of target gene expression [ 6 ] .

  • These cofactors interact with nuclear receptors in a ligand-dependent manner and enhance transcriptional activation via histone acetylation/methylation and recruitment of additional cofactors such as CBP/p300 [ 89 ] . CBP/p300 has been implicated in the functions of a large number of regulated transcription factors based primarily on physical interaction and the ability to potentiate transcription when overexpressed [ 90 ] . In the case of nuclear receptors, the interaction with CBP/p300 is ligand-dependent and relies on the conserved nuclear receptor functional domain, AF-2 (activation function 2).

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