Example sentences for: accusingly

How can you use “accusingly” in a sentence? Here are some example sentences to help you improve your vocabulary:

  • After reading in The joy of jabberwocking, by J. A. Davidson [XXII,1,23], that but somehow a few editors gave it a second r , as in borogoves , and Probably many years ago a careless printer put in that extra γ, I have, somewhat tossicatedly, to ask: Am I the only one for whom (many years ago) Professor Bagos Hitman opened wide a copy of Sweet's Anglo-Saxon Primer and, pointing to a bevy of bilingual yokemates, one of which was (to the best of my recollection) something like bearu grove , burbled (accusingly) Tulgey?

  • Their eldest daughter, ironically named Unity (Stanley and Hilda were divorced on her seventh birthday), stares accusingly out of the wonderful portrait Hilda, Unity and Dolls (1937).

  • Night after night, he has visions of a young Hispanic asthmatic whom he failed to resuscitate: Her head stares accusingly at him from the shoulders of people he passes on the street.

  • Now, the white lines' dot and dash makes my hand less steady on the wheel, the stoplight glimmers a shade too red-- the faith I've never felt in the day to day haunts me like some imp-winged demon in a Bosch painting, its infantile, red-bawling face staring accusingly into my eyes as if it dared to fly beyond the gilt frame, hectoring, hovering, sluggish wings buzzing like the winter-hatched fly stumbling spastic against the dashboard dials, its frail internal compass somehow gone haywire overridden by spurts and shocks.

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