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How can you use “aboriginal” in a sentence? Here are some example sentences to help you improve your vocabulary:

  • He suggested that it was a transferred use of the Queensland Aboriginal word for a particularly noisy bird and that the connection was made by percipient Aborigines who applied it first to the German missionaries of 1838, having noted their garrulousness.

  • But the only words which imply some sort of relationship, either of location or utilization, between the Aborigines and the land are hunting ground (it being observed in 1830 that the Natives are as tenacious of their hunting grounds as settlers are of their farms), the verb to fire , used with reference to the Aboriginal practice of setting fire to a tract of vegetation either to trap animals or to maintain grassland, and run and station.

  • So Wiradhuri words like corella and gang-gang , names for cockatoos, kookaburra , a kingfisher, boggi , a lizard, belah , a Casuarina, billabong anabranch, gilgai waterhole, and bondi , a club, became parts of everyday Australian English, as did the Kamilaroi words brolga , a crane, budgerigar , a small parrot, coolamon wooden vessel or basin, gundy , yet another word for hut, and towri country, the traditional territory of an Aboriginal people, the Yuwaalaraay words galah , a parrot, and gidgee , an acacia, and words common to Kamilaroi and Yuwaalaraay like the names of other species of acacia such as boree and mulga .

  • Of these, hump is now the most commonly used, in the general sense of a hut or temporary dwelling, whether of Aboriginal or European provenance.

  • On the other there were new names, borrowings from Aboriginal languages, like boobook, dingo, koala, kurrajong, wallaby, wallaroo, waratah, and wombat, all from Dharuk (the Sydney language); descriptive names like blackbutt, bottlebrush, duckbill, flooded gum, and gumtree; or popular adoptions of scientific names like banksia, callistemon, casuarina, boronia, eucalyptus, and platypus.

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