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  • Females lack an estrous cycle and anestrous adults are dependent upon direct contact with a non-volatile male pheromone for induction of estrus [ 8 ] . Hormonal control of scentmarking and sexual behavior of this species (hereinafter, opossum) has been described in some detail [ 9 10 ] . Estrus is induced when females nuzzle scentmarks from the androgen-dependent suprasternal (chest) gland [ 10 11 ] . Nuzzling delivers nonvolatile chemical signals to the vomeronasal organ (VNO) [ 12 ] and surgical removal of the VNO prevents induction of estrus by scentmarks alone [ 13 ] , although cautery ablation of the VNO fails to prevent ovarian activation and ovulation in females that are caged with adult males [ 14 ] . While anestrous adults are reliant on male pheromone for reproductive activation, spontaneous postlactational estrus occurs in the absence of direct contact with male pheromone [ 15 ] .

  • After the removal of the mold, an iris diaphragm having an inner aperture of 5 mm was centrated over the pupil onto the upper surface of the lenticule to define the ablation zone.

  • To determine if the expression of the NMDA receptor and/or its composition was altered as a result of rod photoreceptor ablation, immunoblots were analyzed for the NR1 (Figure 2A), the NR2A (Figure 2B) and the NR2B (Figure 2C) subunits.

  • Kornmehl et al [ 2 ] have shown that an ideal masking agent should have moderate viscosity (between that of saline and 1% carboxymethylcellulose) and concluded that very viscous fluids would not cover irregular surfaces uniformly whereas fluids of inadequate viscosity would run off quickly exposing both peaks and valleys thus resulting in irregular surfaces after ablation.

  • Together, these results directly demonstrate that the dsRNAs promote ablation of the specific mRNA target, which most likely underlies the loss of the respective proteins.

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