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How can you use “abasic” in a sentence? Here are some example sentences to help you improve your vocabulary:

  • We have used abasic residues at the 5' ends of P2 primers in order to reduce these artifacts.

  • The 3' approach to the DNA [ 34 ] and the wide area covered by the protein on both sides of the abasic site [ 14 ] are both consistent with the need to hold the product until the correct polymerase moves in 5' to 3' to complete the repair [ 25 ] . This implies that the mammalian enzyme has evolved to be processive, to facilitate more efficient functioning of the overall BER pathway, and may not be optimized for simple catalysis.

  • APEs are essential for mammalian cell growth and bacterial survival in the presence of ionizing radiation and DNA mutagens [ 6 ] . They initiate repair of an abasic DNA site by cleaving the phosphodiester backbone 5' of the phosphodeoxyribose.

  • P2s have two abasic residues at the 5' end to reduce primer-dimer formation (unpublished data).

  • Of the four protein areas that bind to the DNA 3' of the abasic site, mutating F266 (molego 10) or W280 (middle of molego 11) decreases APE activity [ 33 ] . The F266 mutation is particularly interesting, as the mutants at this position had reduced substrate specificity and enhanced 3'-exonuclease activity.

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