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How can you use “ab-” in a sentence? Here are some example sentences to help you improve your vocabulary:

  • Anti-VEGF antibody is a polyclonal rabbit anti-serum against VEGF of human origin and recognizes an amino-terminal epitope found in VEGF 121, 165, 189 and 206(Ab-2, Oncogene Science, Manhasset, NY).

  • Whole cell lysate (50 μg) was loaded onto a 6% sodium dodecyl sulfate-polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis gel, transferred to nitrocellulose, and hybridized with an anti-BRCA1 (Ab-1; Oncogene Research, Cambridge, MA, USA) antibody as previously described [ 10].

  • Subsequent studies were performed with a new antibody, R1B4, which has ten times the crossreactivity of Ab-4 with the prohormone.

  • BRCA1 ribonuclease protection probe was made using an in vitro transcription kit (Ambion, Inc, Austin, TX, USA) as previously described [ 10] and derived clones were tested for protein levels by Western blot analysis using an anti-BRCA1 (Oncogene Research, Ab-1, Cambridge, MA, USA) antibody.

  • Antibodies: SKP2 (Zymed 32-3300, 1:250 for immunoblotting), SKP2 (Santa Cruz sc-7164, 1:500 for immunofluorescence staining), p27 (Transduction Laboratories K25030, 1:5000 for immunoblotting, 1:1000 for immunofluorescence staining), cyclin A (Neomarkers Ab-6, MS-1061, 1:100 for immunoblotting), cyclin E (Neomarkers Ab-1, RB-012, 2 ug per immunoprecipitation) cyclin E (Neomarkers Ab-2, MS-870, 1:200 for immunoblotting), HRT1 (affinity-purified rabbit polyclonal, gift from R. Deshaies, 1:1000 for immunoblotting), CUL1 (Zymed 71-8700, 1:250 for immunoblotting), SKP1 (Transduction laboratories 610530, 1:5000 for immunoblotting), JAB1/CSN5 (GeneTex MS-Jab11-PX1, 1:1000 for immunoblotting), RB1 (Pharmingen 554136, 1:500 for immunoblotting), CDK2 (Santo Cruz Biotechnology sc-163, 2 ug per immunoprecipitation, 1:500 for immunoblotting), Tubulin (Sigma T5168, 1:2000 for immunoblotting).

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