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  • An alternative mechanism for the formation of inclusion bodies in protein conformation disorders is suggested by a recent study showing that clearance of poly-Gln and poly-Ala inclusions is accelerated by compounds like rapamycin, which stimulate protein degradation by autophagy [ 64 ] . Along similar lines, the work of Kegel et al . [ 65 ] hints that poly-Gln huntingtin may be degraded mainly in autophagic vacuoles containing lysosomal proteases.

  • Taken together, these results suggest that intra-articular expression of TGF-β1 stimulated cartilage matrix degradation while having only a minor effect on the promotion of new matrix synthesis.

  • Cryptosporidium oocysts have an ubiquitous geographic distribution and can be detected in most surface drinking water sources [ 8 ] . The oocysts are resistant to environmental degradation [ 9 ] , survive chlorination water treatment, and are too small (4 to 6 microns) to be removed by conventional water filters [ 6 ] . Risk factors for acquiring cryptosporidiosis have been determined primarily in studies of community-wide outbreaks, and drinking water has been implicated as the source of these outbreaks [ 9 10 11 12 13 14 ] . Case-control studies in AIDS patients have also been conducted during outbreaks [ 12 15 ] , but levels of endemic risk in the United States remain uncertain, even though there is great concern for diarrheal disease associated with drinking water in this population [ 16 17 ] . Because defining the risk associated with drinking tap water is particularly important for counseling immunocompromised patients on reducing their risk of cryptosporidiosis, we conducted a case-control study among persons with AIDS in San Francisco to test the hypothesis that the pattern of tap water consumption is associated with the development of endemic cryptosporidiosis.

  • Proteins are targeted for proteasome-mediated degradation by attachment of a polyubiquitin chain.

  • Degradation of full length DFF45 was used to indicate caspase 3 activity.

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