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How can you use “degraded” in a sentence? Here are some example sentences to help you improve your vocabulary:

  • For instance, IL-1-degraded cartilage tissues and cell suspensions are frequently employed as model systems to study cartilage metabolism under osteoarthritis-like conditions [ 1 2 3 4 ] and to assess the efficacy of various drug therapies [ 5 6 7 8 9 ] . IL-1 signals cells via cell surface receptors to upregulate proteases, matrix metalloproteinases and aggrecanase, while downregulating matrix metalloproteinase inhibition and proteoglycan synthesis [ 10 11 ] . The ultimate effect of these metabolic changes include damage to the ECM, loss of ECM components (especially proteoglycan), and alteration of the normal balance of catabolic and anabolic processes that regulate cartilage ECM composition.

  • As more and more biologists come to appreciate the unique ability of aDNA to probe the evolutionary process, it is more important than ever to stress the immense challenges of working with just a few fragments of degraded DNA that might have come from several different sources.

  • Once this occurs, the mRNA is degraded, effectively silencing the gene from which it came.

  • Androgen binding protein (ABP) is produced by Sertoli cells of the testis, secreted into the lumen of seminiferous tubules, and transported with tubular fluid to the epididymis, where it is internalized and degraded by the epithelial cells of the initial segment and the caput; it binds testosterone (T), dihydrotestosterone and estradiol with high affinity [ 9 10 11 ] . The functions of ABP have been the subject of many reviews [e.g.

  • In summary, the results presented here demonstrate that sα i2 , a novel splice variant of α i2 , is rapidly degraded when expressed in cells.

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