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  • In this regard, ERβ differs from ERα, which probably binds ID motifs in a SERM-dependent fashion [ 49 50 ] and shows reduced binding to N-CoR in the presence of estradiol [ 39 ] . ERβ also differs from many other NRs, which either bind N-CoR in the absence of ligand and are released in the presence of ligand or interact with N-CoR in the presence of antagonists but not agonists [ 4 ] .

  • Injured adult DRG neurons do not die after axonal injury [ 15 ] as a result of the upregulation of cell survival factors such as the small heat shock protein HSP27 [ 16 ] . We now find several genes that could have a survival-promoting role, including the peripheral benzodiazepine receptor, whose agonists are potent antiapoptotic compounds [ 17 ] , GADD45A, which maintains genomic stability and appears to be anti-apoptotic in neurons after ischemic damage [ 18 ] , metallothionein 1L, which is a free radical scavenger [ 19 ] , GTP cyclohydrolase 1, which is obligatory for the actions of NGF on PC12 cells [ 20 ] , and IES-JE (MCP-1) which attracts macrophages, which in turn have been reported to have a role in neuronal survival [ 21 ] .

  • In other studies, administration of D2 agonists resulted in decreases in hyperinsulinemia associated with obesity [ 36 ] , and it is known that the brain is richly supplied with insulin receptors, including the cortex and striatal areas [ 37 ] , suggesting an intriguing link between insulin resistance, characteristic of obesity, and dopamine-mediated psychiatric symptoms, including ADHD.

  • In primary cultures of choroid plexus cells, repeated 5-HT application desensitizes 5-HT induced increases in intracellular calcium [ 13 ] . Down-regulation of receptor binding sites in choroid plexus cells is seen after agonist treatment [ 29 ] . However, inverse agonists can either down- [ 29 ] or up-regulate [ 30 ] 5-HT 2C receptor binding sites dependent upon cellular context.

  • Partial agonists are seen as compounds with "marginal activity".

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