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  • However, recent studies have indicated that large numbers of virus-specific CD8 +T cells preferentially accumulate in the synovial fluid of RA patients and that these cells are also oligoclonal, suggesting that non-antigen-specific homing may be responsible for the observed oligoclonality of CD8 +T cells in the synovial fluid [ 6 ] . Because chemokines such as macrophage inflammatory protein-1α and RANTES (regulated upon activation, normal T-cell expressed and secreted) are expressed in RA synovial tissue [ 7 8 ] , subsets of CD8 +T cells may be preferentially recruited into the synovial tissue in a non-antigen-specific manner.

  • For example, the asymmetric accumulation of Fmi/Stan in wing cells is essential for marking the distal edge of wing cells [ 9 ] . However, Fmi/Stan does not accumulate asymmetrically in sensory organ precursor cell that gives rise to the bristle sense organ although the orientation of the pI cell spindle is altered in fmi/stan mutants [ 22 ] . Our observations on the arista suggest that the genetic circuitry of the fz pathway is modified in a different way in this cell type.

  • Our finding that hyperneddylated Pcu3p and Pcu1p accumulate in all csn mutants tested (Fig.

  • Thus there is good evidence that glycerol permeability is important in yeast cells [ 81, 82] in the secretion of this polyol under stress conditions, but in higher plants that do not accumulate glycerol as an osmoprotectant nor excrete it in large quantities, there is no apparent function for increasing glycerol permeability.

  • An earlier report demonstrated that disruption of HNT2 was tolerated by haploid yeast strains without an effect on growth and that ApppN and AppppN accumulate 30 and 3-fold, respectively on account of the hnt2 deletion [ 13 ] . Because those data were obtained by random spore analysis, we considered it important to test whether elevated dinucleoside polyphosphate levels co-segregate with hnt2 disruption in all tetrads examined and whether any other commonly used genetic markers affect dinucleoside polyphosphate levels.

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