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  • Indeed, a similar explanation has been invoked to explain the presence of Hsp70 and ubiquitin in nuclear aggregates observed in cells expressing abnormal gene products with poly-Gln tracts, such as huntingtin [ 54 ] and ataxin-1 [ 59 ] . Based on reports that overexpression of chaperones [ 59 62 ] or a dominant-negative form of the ubiquitin-conjugating enzyme [ 63 ] can suppress the formation of poly-Gln protein aggregates, Kaytor and Warren [ 58 ] proposed a three-stage model wherein (i) molecular chaperones initially associate with the misfolded protein, (ii) failure to diminish the pool of misfolded protein leads to aggregation and ubiquitination and (iii) inefficient degradation of the aggregate by the proteasome is manifested by the accumulation of inclusion bodies.

  • Free choline accumulation was also significantly increased by PMA.

  • In addition, these seedlings exhibit a significant reduction in accumulation of membrane fatty acids.

  • We have previously argued that PR-1 gene expression is controlled by two separate pathways [ 4 ] . One pathway results from SA accumulation and is dependent upon the NPR1 gene product.

  • However, the wide credible intervals around the expression levels of the genes for the neutral trehalase NTH1 (Figure 4) and the acid trehalase ATH1, the observed accumulation of trehalose in fermentations [ 21], and the potential for compartmentalization [ 22] indicate that more data are needed before one can infer the extent of such a cycle.

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