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How can you use “aberrantly” in a sentence? Here are some example sentences to help you improve your vocabulary:

  • Moreover, several recent studies have reported direct mapping of sites phosphorylated by Cdc5/Polo in vitro [ 22 29 32 ] , but in two of these cases the authors relied exclusively on phosphoshift analysis of mutant proteins to confirm that the same sites are phosphorylated in vivo . Given the significant possibility that multiply mutated proteins are not properly phosphorylated in vivo for indirect reasons, or migrate aberrantly upon SDS-PAGE, it may be prudent to perform direct mapping experiments to confirm unambiguously the physiological significance of sites phosphorylated by Cdc5/Polo in vitro .

  • In the 5 wk alphaA/BKO lenses, nucleic acid staining in the posterior subcapsular region is consistent with either anterior epithelial cells migrating aberrantly to the posterior pole, or primary fiber cells failing to fully differentiate by 5 wks of age.

  • If chromosomes segregated aberrantly during the MI reductional division, and then segregated appropriately during the equational division of MII, one would expect sister spores to receive identical complements of chromosomes.

  • It has been proposed that loss of hERα expression in breast tumors is the result of aberrant RNA processing [ 40 41 42 43 ] . These aberrantly spliced mRNAs, if translated, could lead to truncated receptors with hormone binding but not DNA binding function [ 44 ] . Further, there is evidence for the role of RNA processing in oncogenesis [ 45 46 ] . Many studies, including those on human hnRNP A2/B1 and the CD44 gene, suggest that high fidelity pre-mRNA splicing is critical to normal cellular function and may play a key role in oncogenesis and breast cancer progression [ 47 48 ] . The strong association between nmt55/p54 nrband hERα expression indicates that nmt55/p54 nrbmay be an important marker for breast cancer progression.

  • The mitogenic role played by Wnts in normal CNS development also supports the concept that the pathway could promote growth in the brain [ 21 22 ] . In order to test this hypothesis we created transgenic mice in which the Wnt pathway was aberrantly activated in the CNS.

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