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How can you use “stewardess” in a sentence? Here are some example sentences to help you improve your vocabulary:

  • But for all the papers say, the finding makes as much sense as holding a stewardess responsible for a commercial pilot's flight violations.

  • At 9:00, Lee Hanson received a second call from his son Peter: It's getting bad, Dad-A stewardess was stabbed-They seem to have knives and Mace-They said they have a bomb-It's getting very bad on the plane-Passengers are throwing up and getting sick-The plane is making jerky movements-I don't think the pilot is flying the plane-I think we are going down-I think they intend to go to Chicago or someplace and fly into a building-Don't worry, Dad- If it happens, it'll be very fast-My God, my God.

  • A German-speaking stewardess, drafted into an interpretive role by the terrorists, played a heroic role by insisting that all of the Germanic-sounding names were really “pure” German, not Jewish.

  • When the Globe , the Enquirer 's , hired an airline stewardess to seduce Frank Gifford on hidden camera, Coz was shocked, shocked . He penned an op-ed for the New York Times condemning the Globe for making news rather than covering it.

  • A familiar example: reasoning that in terms of job duties the sex or gender of the person who passes peanuts on an airplane is unimportant, editors of the Handbook of Nonsexist Language propose flight attendant rather than steward/stewardess and oppose gratuitous regendering of job titles ( female flight attendant ). (A court case notes a male purser and a female stewardess with identical job descriptions, but different salary scales.)

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