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  • The pectate lyase gene (MI00592) was identified in G. rostochiensis and H. glycines [ 17 ] and the exo-polygalacturonase (MI00252) was identified in our M. incognita data [ 21 22 ] . Because of the obvious role of nematode genes that allow endogenous production of cell-wall degrading enzymes in attacking a plant host, it has been hypothesized that their acquisition by HGT may have been key steps in the evolution of plant-parasitic nematodes from ancestral free-living forms [ 3 ] . In that model, an intermediate, symbiotic association of a soil-dwelling (but free-living) nematode with a soil bacterium possessing these enzymes is postulated before the HGT event.

  • A few blocks up Nathan Road is Kowloon Park (open daily 6am–midnight), elegantly laid out with fountains, promenades, and ornamental gardens; be sure to go up the steps to see the Sculpture Walk.

  • Others suggest that the remarks must be interpreted as the first steps toward a bawdy version of "I didn't inhale."

  • The prototype centroids are refined in the subsequent steps: each gene is assigned a membership score to each of the prototype centroids, based on the Pearson correlation between the gene's expression pattern and the centroid in question.

  • The clustering of functionally related genes in prokaryotic genomes into co-transcribed and co-regulated units, operons, often allows functional assignments through the principle of 'guilt by association' [ 30 31 32 ] . Generally, genes whose products physically interact to form a complex or are involved in successive steps in a biochemical pathway form operons that are conserved over large evolutionary distances [ 30 ] . On previous occasions, we have used gene neighborhoods or operons to predict novel DNA repair complexes and their components [ 33 ] . Accordingly, a similar approach was applied to the three families of SSAPs (RecT/Redβ, ERF, Rad52), to shed light on their functional links.

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