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How can you use “s-tdt” in a sentence? Here are some example sentences to help you improve your vocabulary:

  • Analysis was conducted using the combined TDT/S-TDT program version 1.1, set to accept one missing parent per trio [ S8].

  • The alleles from the 11-marker fine map were examined for the presence of transmission disequilibrium using the transmission disequilibrium test (TDT) [ S7] and the discordant sibling TDT (S-TDT) test [ S8].

  • This program outputs separate results for the TDT, S-TDT and the combined TDT/S-TDT (referred to herein as C-TDT).

  • Analyses with the C-TDT (the TDT combined with the discordant sib TDT [S-TDT]), which allows additional families containing discordant sibs to be evaluated for disequilibrium [ 16], were then performed.

  • ADPRT = adenosine diphosphate ribosyltransferase; cM = centiMorgan; C-TDT = combined S-TDT and TDT; ESRRG = estrogen-related receptor gamma; HLA = human leukocyte antigen; kb = kilobasepairs; LOD = logarithm of odds ratio; MIM = Mendelian Inheritance in Man (database; see [ 1]); PARP = poly ADP ribosyl polymerase; PCR = polymerase chain reaction; PDT = pedigree disequilibrium test; SLE = systemic lupus erythematosus; S-TDT = discordant-sib TDT; TDT = transmission disequilibrium test; T:NT = ratio of transmitted to nontransmitted alleles.

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