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  • Because of its role in mediating the degradation of HY5, HYH, and possibly other transcription factors in Arabidopsis [ 4 5 ] and the presence of a RING finger domain and a WD-40 domain, AtCOP1 has been proposed to function as a RING-finger type ubiquitination E3 ligase, by recruiting E2 through its RING-finger domain and binding to the substrates through the WD-40 repeats [ 4 43 ] . This hypothesis is also supported by the findings about other negative regulators of plant photomorphogenesis.

  • CSN is a highly conserved multiprotein complex consisting of eight subunits, which have been implicated in a wide variety of regulatory processes, including, cell cycle control [ 11, 12], signal transduction [ 13], transcriptional activation [ 14], and plant photomorphogenesis [ 15, 16].

  • It is implicated in regulating such diverse and fundamental cellular process as cytoplasmic streaming, thigmotropism, gravitropism, cell division, cell elongation, cell differentiation, cell polarity, photomorphogenesis and plant defense and stress responses [ 1, 3, 4].

  • A translational fusion between green fluorescent protein (GFP) and the Arabidopsis Constitutive Photomorphogenesis1 protein (COP1) has been established as a reporter for trans-silencing events in Arabidopsis [ 27 ] . A cauliflower mosaic virus 35S promoter driven GFP-COP1 locus, named C73, exemplifies an epigenetically active trans-silencer locus.

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