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  • Thus, BMPs 6, 7, and 60A stimulate dendritic growth in cultured sympathetic neurons derived from either perinatal or adult ganglia in the absence of effects on cell survival or axonal growth [ 15 16 17 ] . BMP-7 has also been shown to enhance dendritic growth in hippocampal, cortical and spinal motor neurons [ 18 19 20 ] .

  • There is a possible explanation in light of the gender-specific differences observed in callosal size [ 24 ] coupled with the fact that prenatal exposure to EtOH causes feminization of male rats and defeminization of female rats [ 12 25 26 ] . There is a hormonal influence on the developing commissural pathway that could be disrupted by a number of EtOH-induced aberrations in hormone activity, such as the diminished perinatal surge of testosterone observed in EtOH-exposed male fetal rats [ 27 ] . The EtOH-induced attenuation of the testosterone surge eliminated the normal sex difference in rat callosal size.

  • For example, zidovudine was found to prevent a large fraction of perinatal HIV infections [23], even though studies in animal models, conducted with high challenge doses, could not establish any protection against infection by zidovudine [20–22].

  • Whereas macaques [20,21] and mice [22] were not protected from infection with high challenge doses by zidovudine (a relatively weak antiretroviral drug when used in monotherapy), clinical studies surprisingly showed that two-thirds of perinatal infections (i.e.

  • This resembles high LHR expression in first trimester placenta [ 28 ] , which is a source of high hCG levels [ 59 ] . Yet, hCG levels fall during the second trimester, and elevated maternal midtrimester hCG is associated with higher rates of maternal and neonatal complications (pregnancy-induced hypertension, preeclampsia, gestational diabetes, and perinatal death) [ 60 61 62 63 ] .

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