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  • On a gross level, all members of this superfamily assemble as pentameric receptors [ 4 ] . In some cases, receptors can be assembled from a single subunit (5-HT 3A R and nicotinic α7 receptors) [ 1 5 6 7 8 ] . In other cases, at least two different subunits are required [ 2 4 9 ] . The ligand binding site is thought to be formed at the junction between two subunits [ 2 4 ] .

  • We had previously shown by methylation interference analysis that KRC/ZAS-C bound specifically to the sequence TGTGG within the context of the canonical RSS heptamer plus the immediately flanking guanine [ 14 ] . Because the pentamer motif for KRC/ZAS-C predicted by MEME completely matched with the empirical results, we conclude that the two pentameric motifs discovered by MEME are likely authentic binding sites for KRC/ZAS-N as well.

  • Based on the results here, we hypothesize that each DNA binding domain of KRC binds to pentameric TG-rich sequences.

  • The cysteine-loop family of ligand gated ion channels (LGIC) is comprised of receptors with pentameric quaternary structure and at least two ligand binding sites present at the subunit interfaces [ 1 2 ] . This receptor family is characterized by the presence of a critical disulfide loop structure within the binding site and an integral ion selective channel.

  • Because the pentameric motifs derived from the KRC/ZAS-N dataset more closely resemble the canonical RSS nonamer and the motif derived from the KRC/ZAS-C dataset more closely resemble the canonical RSS heptamer and a canonical sequence was derived from the majority of sequences, we propose that the ZAS-N domain of KRC binds RSS nonamers more frequently than the ZAS-C domain, and vice versa for the RSS heptamer in vivo .

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