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  • Previous cytogenetic analyses of human, chimpanzee, gorilla and orangutan G-banded metaphase chromosomes demonstrated that the pericentric inversion was a chimpanzee-specific event, with humans maintaining the ancestral state of this region when compared to gorilla and orangutan [ 1 2 ] . Two-color FISH experiments utilizing distal probe RP11-88O16, and the PWS/AS common deletion breakpoint-marking probe pDJ-778A2 clearly show that the chimpanzee lineage is the sole great ape species to harbor this rearrangement (Figure 2).

  • To mark the regions of low-copy repeats in human 15q11-q13, we utilized a probe derived from the donor locus of a major component of the PWS/AS breakpoint duplication clusters, PAC clone pDJ-778A2 which contains a significant portion of the HERC2 gene in 15q13 [ 33 ] . In addition, we selected probes corresponding to sites distal to the PWS/AS domain flanking a large inverted-duplicated 15 (inv dup(15)) supernumerary marker chromosome [ 23 ] . Specifically, probe RPCI-11-88O16 (abbreviated RP11-88O16) was selected for FISH analysis because it lies distal to the inversion-duplication event breakpoint and is linked to STS marker D15S1010 [ 23 24 ] . Upon reaching the PTR inversion breakpoint interval with probe RP11-40J8, flanking BACs were chosen from the November 2002 human genome assembly to establish the extent of the interval and define the boundaries of the interval.

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