Example sentences for: paraphyletic

How can you use “paraphyletic” in a sentence? Here are some example sentences to help you improve your vocabulary:

  • However, the plasmid-borne arsC genes appear to be paraphyletic and clearly separate into very different arsC types (Figures 2and 3).

  • It appears that the New World species of Artemisia s.l . are paraphyletic and that the North American lineages arose once with at least one back migration to the Old World by some members of subg.

  • The paraphyletic arsC sequences in the non-enteric γ-Proteobacteria likewise may have arisen from HGT events, although the difficulty in resolving the affiliation of some of these sequences makes speculation about their evolution premature.

  • No organism outside this group has a lineage that traces back to the same ancestor (paraphyletic group); however, there might be earlier ancestors that define more inclusive monophyletic groups.

  • The non-enteric γ-Proteobacteria actually appear to be paraphyletic with regards to arsC , in that the two Xanthomonas species group with the α-Proteobacteria, whereas the others form a distinct group with the sole representative of the β-Proteobacteria ( R. solanacearum ). The phylogenetic affiliation of the latter clade is uncertain: ED analysis placed it as a deep branch in the Low GC Gram positive Bacteria group (Figure 2), whereas MP placed it loosely with the large Enterobacteriales/α-Proteobacteria group (Figure 3).

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