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  • Included are 32,735 sequences from Meloidogyne species ( M. incognita 12,752, M. hapla 11,049, M. javanica 5,600, M. arenaria 3,334), as well as ESTs from cyst nematode species ( G. rostochiensis 5,934, H. glycines 4,327, G. pallida 1,832), and the lesion nematode ( P. penetrans 2,048).

  • The generation of expressed sequence tags (ESTs) by single-pass random sequencing of cDNA libraries is a powerful tool for rapid gene transcript identification in metazoans [ 14 15 16 17 ] including parasitic nematodes of humans and animals [ 18 19 20 21 22 23 ] . High-throughput projects on two dozen nematode species have now brought the total number of publicly available roundworm ESTs to nearly 400,000, with half the sequences coming from parasites [ 24 25 26 27 ] . As a part of these efforts, EST sequencing from plant parasitic nematodes is in progress [ 28 ] and pilot EST datasets from the root-knot nematode M. incognita and the cyst nematodes Globodera rostochiensis and G. pallida second-stage larvae have recently been analyzed [ 29 30 ] .

  • Sixty-four ESTs had significant homology to the putative fatty-acid-binding protein Sec-2, confirming the abundant expression of this gene reported in L2 cDNA libraries from M. incognita [ 29 ] and the cyst nematodes G. rostochiensis and G. pallida cDNA [ 30 ] . Sec-2 is secreted by plant-parasitic nematodes at relatively high levels [ 34 ] . Several abundantly expressed genes are also horizontal gene transfer candidates (see below).

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