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  • The substrate-binding model showed that Tyr228 in L1 was position-conserved with Asn233 in the other crystallographically characterized metallo-β-lactamases [ 37 42 44 45 46 ] . Spencer and coworkers postulated that Tyr228 is part of an oxyanion hole that interacts with the β-lactam carbonyl on substrate and helps to stabilize the putative tetrahedral intermediate formed during substrate turnover [ 37 ] . To test this hypothesis, Tyr228 was changed to an alanine and to a phenylalanine to afford the Y228A and Y228F mutants, respectively.

  • predicted that Phe158 and Ile 164 form hydrophobic interactions with bulky substituents on the substrate, suggesting that the loss of these residues would only affect binding of substrates with large aromatic substituents [ 37 ] . In the modeling studies on CcrA [ 42 ] , Asn233 was predicted to interact with the β-lactam carbonyl on substrate, and mutagenesis studies have supported this prediction [ 43 ] . Although Asn233 is sequence conserved in L1 [ 35 ] , it is located 14Å away from the modeled position of the β-lactam carbonyl and was predicted not to play a role in substrate binding to L1 [ 37 ] . On the other hand, the substrate-binding model predicted that Tyr228 was in position to offer a hydrogen bond to the β-lactam carbonyl and participate in an oxyanion hole that was proposed to form as the substrate was hydrolyzed [ 37 ] . By using the crystal structure and modeling studies on L1, Ullah et al.

  • JEvTrace analysis suggests that YbaK is involved in a protein-protein interaction requiring a binding site with hydrophobic and polar patches, and an oxyanion hole opposite a conserved lysine.

  • Significantly, the loop immediately above the oxyanion hole is disordered in the YbaK PDB 1DBX structure.

  • Among these conserved positions, JEvTrace identified a cluster of solvent-accessible residues above and beyond the proposed oxyanion hole, including Y20, H22, D23, E32 and R132.

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