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  • Additionally, it appears that the population sub-groups at greatest risk for gastric cancer have a limited ability to secrete ascorbic acid from the plasma through the mucosal and into the gastric lumen [ 30 ] . In a related study, supplementation with vitamin C reduces the degree of apoptosis and nitrotyrosine immunohistochemistry [ 13 ] , a marker of peroxynitrite formation [ 15 ] . NF-κB is activated in gastric epithelia with H. pylori infection, and clearance of this infection reduced NF-κB levels as well as expression of inducible nitric oxide [ 5 13 ] , thereby reducing the mucosal burden of nitric oxide and possibly peroxynitrite.

  • According to the NYT , New York's leadership helped persuade northeastern states to consider smaller levels of nitrogen oxide emission reductions.

  • Because c-jun was shown to play important roles in programmed cell death in many cell types [ 20 21 ] , and microglia were shown to undergo programmed cell death after cholesterol oxide treatment [ 7 ] , experiments were performed to determine if c-jun activation was involved in cholesterol oxide induced microglial cell death.

  • Nitric oxide concentrations > 30 ppm may result in elevated concentrations of nitrogen dioxide (NO 2 ) and methemoglobin particularly when 100% oxygen is administered together with NO [ 9].

  • It was proposed that a dynamic balance of JNK-p38 and ERK can determine if the neuronal cell will live or die [ 15 ] . Similar interplay of the MAP kinases was shown in the PCD of non-neuronal cells [ 16 ] . It is known that oxidized LDL can cause activation of MAP kinases [ 17 18 ] . Whether cholesterol oxides, the main toxic components in oxidized LDL, can induce MAP kinase activation, and whether MAP kinase activation has a role in cholesterol oxide induced PCD remain to be investigated, and is the subject of this study.

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