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How can you use “ossification” in a sentence? Here are some example sentences to help you improve your vocabulary:

  • Each step of cartilage maturation occurs in a precise and tightly regulated manner [ 4 ] . Disruptions of this process cause abnormalities in cartilage and bone formation [ 5 6 ] . Endochondral ossification occurs in embryonic skeletal formation, in skeletal growth and fracture healing.

  • Detailed knowledge of regulatory mechanisms in endochondral ossification will be essential for strategies to manipulate chondrocyte proliferation, differentiation and maturation in skeletal growth and development, osteochondrodysplasias and fracture healing.

  • Endochondral ossification is the process by which mesenchymal cells condense at specific sites and differentiate into chondrocytes, forming the cartilage anlagen that are the model for the future bone.

  • Similar results were reported by other authors [ 15 16 17 ] . These results demonstrate that the cultured rib chondrocytes behaved in a similar manner as chondrocytes in vivo . Taken together, primary rib chondrocytes from mouse neonates grown in micromass culture display cellular differentiation, proliferation, maturation and hypertrophy, recapitulating the chondrocyte maturation program in vivo . These results establish the utility of this in vitro system to investigate the role of Hox genes and other transcription factors in endochondral ossification.

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