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  • The size of the OS, in the context of code (source or object), is the size essential to execute files.

  • Some studies claimed that HER-2 / neu status was an independent predictive factor in the case of breast cancer, whereas other studies could not confirm this [ 6 14 16 19 29 30 ] . It is certainly of great interest to the clinician that only two out of five studies including more than 100 patients and with a follow-up period of at least 3 years attributed some prognostic value to HER-2 / neu amplification among patients with NNBC [ 6 7 16 19 28 ] . Almost all of the studies that dealt with HER-2 / neu status and DFS, as well as OS, showed no benefit of this oncogene in the prognosis of NNBC patients.

  • Most of the "size" of the Windows basic installation software are details for add-on services to the OS, many of which go unused.

  • This is the real problem with Windows: It's much more than an operating system, it's an OS (DOS or NT) inextricably meshed with a GUI (MS-Windows).

  • Regarding various adjuvant systemic therapies, such as chemotherapy (CMF, FEC) and endocrine therapy (tamoxifen), no significant differences were observed with respect to DFS and OS in c- myc -amplified and HER-2 / neu -amplified NNBC patients in comparison with non-amplified patients.

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