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  • Because of strong similarity in the oriC region, alternative hypotheses should be tested to explain the growth rate differences between M. avium and M. paratuberculosis . Genomic rearrangements and the presence of unique genes identified by matrix analysis in this study are two such possibilities that could account for some of the phenotypic differences.

  • The sequence immediately flanking the dnaA gene is considered the origin of chromosomal replication, or oriC region [ 9 10 ] . This region contains several genes that encode proteins required for basic cellular functions, including the protein subunit of RNase P (RnpA), ribosomal protein L34 (RpmH), the replication initiator protein (DnaA), the beta subunit of DNA polymerase III (DnaN), the recombination repair protein RecF, and the DNA gyrase proteins GyrA and GyrB.

  • The genetic organization of the origin of replication has been characterized in several Gram-positive pathogens including B. subtilis , S. coelicolor , M. tuberculosis , M. avium , M. leprae , and M. smegmatis [ 8 ] . The results of our investigation on the oriC region of M. paratuberculosis show that each of the 15 primer pairs, designed from M. avium sequence data, resulted in the successful amplification and subsequent sequencing of an ~11 kb region of the M. paratuberculosis genome.

  • We next determined if the nucleotide identities would remain consistently high when M. paratuberculosis sequences outside the oriC region were compared with M. avium . Sequencing of the M. paratuberculosis K-10 cattle isolate is nearing completion in our laboratories and TIGR http://www.tigr.orgis in the finishing stages of M. avium isolate 104.

  • It is well recognized that the characterization of gene organization in the oriC region as well as the complete genome sequence will provide a springboard for addressing questions such as the nature of the slow growth rate of M. paratuberculosis as compared to the genetically related rapidly-growing mycobacteria.

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