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  • The sequence immediately flanking the dnaA gene is considered the origin of chromosomal replication, or oriC region [ 9 10 ] . This region contains several genes that encode proteins required for basic cellular functions, including the protein subunit of RNase P (RnpA), ribosomal protein L34 (RpmH), the replication initiator protein (DnaA), the beta subunit of DNA polymerase III (DnaN), the recombination repair protein RecF, and the DNA gyrase proteins GyrA and GyrB.

  • Likewise, the oriC region in M. paratuberculosis was found to share a high level of nucleotide identity (~98%) with M. avium . Calculation of the rates of total nucleotide diversity (3) and synonymous substitution per synonymous site (ds) and non-synonymous substitution per non-synonymous site (dn) revealed patterns of variation within the range observed from sequence data outside the oriC region.

  • While these sequencing efforts have revealed a conserved gene order in the oriC of Gram-positive bacteria [ 11 ] , the nucleotide and amino acid identity between M. paratuberculosis and M. avium in this region is much stronger when compared to other mycobacteria and other Gram-positive bacteria (see Table 2).

  • We next determined if the nucleotide identities would remain consistently high when M. paratuberculosis sequences outside the oriC region were compared with M. avium . Sequencing of the M. paratuberculosis K-10 cattle isolate is nearing completion in our laboratories and TIGR http://www.tigr.orgis in the finishing stages of M. avium isolate 104.

  • First, the putative oriC region of M. paratuberculosis was amplified, sequenced and compared with M. avium and other bacteria.

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