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  • 5 in these mutants, from the earliest stages of organogenesis [ 34 ] . Therefore, the TEC defects in these mice would be expected to have different effects on thymocyte proliferation than in Rag mutants.

  • Thymocyte development occurs within a complex network of cells, extracellular matrix, and secreted factors referred to as the thymic microenvironment [ 1 ] . Current evidence suggests that this microenvironment is created during fetal thymus organogenesis through stage-dependent interactions between differentiating thymic epithelial cells (TECs) and developing thymocytes [ 2 3 4 5 6 ] . Therefore, blocks at different stages of thymocyte development result in differential effects on TEC differentiation and function.

  • Nevertheless, relative to understanding a complex genetic network and organogenesis, our results demonstrate the importance of contemporaneously evaluating the gene, protein, and activated protein expression of multiple components from multiple pathways within broad functional categories.

  • Hoxa3 and Pax1 are transcription factors that act in a common pathway regulating thymus organogenesis and thymic epithelial cell development [ 29 31 32 33 34 ] . Hoxa3 +/- Pax1 -/-compound mutants have defects in TEC development including reduced numbers of TECs, fewer MHC Class II +TECs, and changes in TEC proliferation and apoptosis.

  • Some consecutive stages, although morphologically distinguishable, differ very little in terms of changes in gene expression, whereas other stage transitions, such as the onset of zygotic transcription or organogenesis, are accompanied by massive changes in gene expression.

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