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How can you use “ora” in a sentence? Here are some example sentences to help you improve your vocabulary:

  • you intuit the eons that glitter and passto each side of the glacier as it movesand lift your eyes-- the only passenger,you watch as the ballroom dopples and becomesthe inside of the glacier, flawed, but bright; ora brick wall under a fire escape, at night; or

  • The eight English proverbs cited above thus have respective equivalents as follows: Plus valet manibus passer quam sub dubio grus It is better to have a sparrow in the hand than a crane in doubt; Sero quam nunquam melius Better late than never, literally Late than never better; Sic fuit, est et erit: similis similem sibi quaerit Thus it was, is and will be; like seeks like for itself: notice the rhyme; Currens per prata non est lepus esca parata A hare running through the meadows is not a ready meal: a nice variation on the bear and his skin; Donati non sunt ora inspicienda caballi Gift horses do not need their mouths looking into: Scopae recentiores semper meliores New brooms are always best; Factum infectum fieri nequit A deed not done cannot happen: a negative equivalent to the English positive What is done cannot be undone as an alternative to the spilt milk; Roma non fuit una die condita (but of course, of course).

  • The globe was sectioned at the ora serrata, and the lens and vitreous body were removed.

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